Our Portfolio


XLerateHealth maintains a varied portfolio of healthcare companies which fall into the following categories.

Bootcamp Companies

XLerateHealth Startups are pre-venture stage healthcare companies that have agreed to attend our intensive 13-week Accelerator Program. As part of the XLerateHealth portfolio, these Startups will receive hands-on guidance from a diverse and exceptional community of Mentors who will assist these companies in the maturation of their products, business plans and management teams as preparation for successful fundraising.

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Intersession Companies

Intersession companies are often diagnostic or device companies which typically have a longer path to market, or the company is more mature and revenue positive and/or have raised capital.  XLerateHealth works with these companies on a virtual bases offering coaching, mentorship, access to our healthcare eco-system and investor network.

Affiliate Companies

Affiliate Companies have already made substantial progress in raising capital, building a customer base, and generating revenue. Our Affiliate companies also provide peer mentorship and coaching to our Startup and Intersession companies.

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