Andrew Sykes

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Andrew Sykes is a qualified actuary, a licensed health insurance broker, an HIAA managed health professional and an accomplished speaker on the topic of consumer-directed health care and wellness. He has worked on four continents in these areas having started and run NMG Consultants and Actuaries for 15 years and has consulted with some of the world’s largest companies (including WAWA Inc, Shell Oil, McDonald’s, Nokia, Unilever, BHP Billiton, SAB Miller and many others). He works with school districts, health insurers, banks and any other organizations committed to improving health in America. Andrew served as the Chief Wellness Officer for The Vitality Group before starting Health At Work. Andrew has deep insight and relevant experience in the issues faced by large employers in the private and the public sectors. His particular expertise is in: The design and implementation of consumer directed health plans (having converted more members to these types of plans than any other individual working in the United States consulting market today, as a result of his work in Australia, Singapore and South Africa). The mathematics of wellness, and the design and implementation of measurable and effective wellness programs that link to clients’ vision and strategy. The science of behavior change and the creation and deployment of engagement plans, the tools, and techniques that employers can use to drive high and sustained participation in their wellness programs, the essential but often missing element that drives real success in employee health. The art of communicating health care policy changes to employees, leaving them feeling that their concerns have been heard and addressed and the optimal solution for all has been reached.

Qualifications & Associations:

Bachelor of Science Cum Laude (Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics)

Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries

Health Insurance Associate and Managed Health Professional (HIAA)

Associate of the Society of Actuaries of America