Amy Baxter, MD

As Founder and CEO of MMJ Labs Pain Relief, Dr. Amy Baxter’s mission is to eliminate unnecessary pain. She invented and patented VibraCool® Vibrating Cryotherapy to treat tendinitis and decrease opioid use, and her Buzzy® device has been used to control needle pain for over 31 million needle procedures. She has been named a 2017 Healthcare Transformer, Wall Street Journal “Idea Person”, Most Innovative CEO of the Year by GA Bio, a Top 10 Disruptors in Medical Tech, and “Top Women in Tech to Watch” by Inc.  She is currently developing a wearable VibraCool Low Back pain reliever to accompany VibraCool Knee Pain and VibraCool Elbow Tendinitis Relief, and exploring regenerative implications of thermal and vibratory energy.. Dr. Baxter’s mission is to eliminate unnecessary pain while creating a sustainable ethical corporate structure.  She is also known for creating the BARF Pediatric Nausea scale, discovering the cause and consequences of needle phobia, and turning down three sharks on Shark Tank.