David Edelman


David Edelman is an entrepreneur and patient advocate using social technologies to improve health and happiness. He is Co-Founder of Diabetes Daily, a leading online community and educational platform. He also proudly serves on the board of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, an organization that’s empowering people with diabetes on a global scale.

His other passions include promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in Northeast Ohio. He is on the Executive Committee of the Hebrew Free Loan Association, an organization that has been providing interest-free loans to responsible individuals since 1904.

David has spoken passionately at events on diabetes, health care, and social media. With a sense of humor, he explains how individuals are impacted by and influencing global trends in health and technology. David and his work has been covered in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Diabetes Forecast, Diabetic Living and a wide variety of other publications.

David graduated from Brown University in 2003 with a B.A. in Education.