Greg Matthews

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Greg Matthews is the Managing Director at W20 Group where his primary work revolves around advising healthcare clients how they can best leverage social and digital media to achieve their strategic business goals. This work has become increasingly centered on the role of the physician in the healthcare ecosystem.

Previously while at WCG, Greg advised Global and Fortune 500 healthcare companies on social media, communications and enterprise change management. He was focused on understanding physicians’ online behavior, and was the originator of the MDigitalLife project. MDigitalLife was a mechanism to highlight the work being done by innovative doctors around the world to improve healthcare through the use of social and digital tools. In October 2012, the MDigitalLife Insights Platform made its debut at the Mayo Clinic and is now helping companies across the spectrum of health and healthcare to communicate more effectively to, with, and through physicians – with the goal of improving the health of their patients/consumers/customers and achieving their key business initiatives. This work ranges from decision support & market research to product launches, medical education to clinical trial recruitment.