Mark Crane


Mark Crane is a Purdue Engineer-turned-entrepreneur who won the 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.  Over the past 20 years, Mark has served as a consultant, business coach, or investor to over 100 local startups.  He currently serves as Chief Operating Office for Sentry Health, an innovative healthcare company headquartered in Louisville. Just prior to joining Sentry, Mark served as Chief Development Officer for MD2U, a home-based primary care company headquartered in Louisville.

Mark co-founded two sources of funding in the Greater Louisville region:  The Sequel Fund (for which he still serves as Chief Administrator), and Enterprise Angels, the largest Angel Investor group in Kentucky.  He also serves as a Business Coach for U of L’s Launch It! program.

Mark spent 2000-2010 at the helm of the Enterprise Corp—a virtual Business Accelerator that raised over $120M for its clients.  Prior to running the Enterprise Corp, Mark spent 11 years with The Cobb Group—an entrepreneurial success story founded by his mentor Doug Cobb.