Mark Gehring

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Prior to joining HealthMyne, Mark was a co-founder and President of Propeller Health (formerly Asthmapolis), a respiratory disease management company that employs sensors to track adherence and measure patient response to treatment. Previously Mark was a co-founder and CEO of two medical imaging companies that are also relevant to HealthMyne. Geometrics developed the Pinnacle 3D radiation treatment planning system which has had dominant market share worldwide since the mid 90’s and is now sold by Philips Medical Systems. Pinnacle has been used to plan approximately 25% of the radiation treatments worldwide since 1996. UltraVisual developed a web-based, 3D-enabled PACS used by radiologists to diagnostically read images and by clinicians to view images at large hospitals and hospital networks. UltraVisual merged with another startup, Emageon, and reached over $100 million in sales, and executed a successful IPO on Nasdaq in 2005.