Paul Puopolo

Paul Puopolo joined MetLife in 2016 to serve as Vice President Innovation and expanded his role to also support the U.S. Business in mid 2017. In this position, he is accountable for developing the company’s innovation portfolio and its strategic implementation to increase profitable growth, improve the consumer experience and maintain an innovative corporate culture. He leads a professional team of “connectors and doers” whose efforts include the identification, assessment and collaborative development of new products, services and business models to create new growth and a competitive advantage for the company.

Prior to joining MetLife, Mr. Puopolo spent 14 years in the healthcare sector. For five years he built and led the innovation function at Highmark where he founded two new businesses:, a caregiver service and REMWorks, a sleep retail store. During his tenure, his team advanced: A connected health strategy and business model; Highmark’s telemedicine strategy through virtual primary care and a tele-dermatology joint venture; health and wellness incentive & reward strategy; a new crowdsourcing process and university partnership for a start-up incubator; and pilot rollouts within connected home health and aging in place sectors. He spent nine years working for Humana Inc., where he led the Innovation Center’s Health Entertainment initiative and mobile health interests as Director of Consumer Innovation. He was awarded a patent for his creative effort in games for health. He not only created the company’s first health game portfolio but also led projects that impacted consumer well-being and experience; mobile strategy; web site design; data analysis; and business development. Mr. Puopolo also gained experience in the strategic consultancy department at Humana, where he led process improvement and e-business initiatives.

He is an experienced “intrapreneur”, with wide ranging innovation, insuretech, and consumer care background. He has a proven track record in new product development; applying emerging technology to create products and services, developing strategic networks and leading high performance teams in direct reporting and cross-functional environments.

Prior to his entry into the health care industry, Mr. Puopolo spent more than 12 years on active duty as a United States Naval Aviator and retired after 22 years of service. He received his bachelor’s degree in Comprehensive Science from Villanova University and his master’s degree in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.