Sukhwant Khanuja, PhD

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Sukhwant Khanuja is the founder CEO of Carematix Inc. He started the company with a vision for developing remote monitoring solutions which are user friendly and drive “sustained compliance”. Carematix has served multiple stakeholders in healthcare across the world delivering intelligenthealthcare solutions to assist in transforming the business and process of healthcare. He has led key innovations including “personalization of medication delivery” and “predictive models for re-admission”.

A seasoned entrepreneur, prior to Carematix served at McKinsey & Co. where he worked extensively in the areas of strategy and operations, including product development and product strategy. Prior to McKinsey, Dr. Khanuja worked at a Product Design Boutique and at Case New Holland.  Dr. Khanuja received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, MS from University of Notre Dame and BSfrom the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He has received a number of design excellence awards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineering and has published refereed papers in the area of product development. He was awarded an international design award from ASME for the “Compliant Energetic Chair”. The “Elephant Trunk Robotic Arm” won the best project award and spawned multiple doctoral theses.