Yuri Malina

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Yuri Frank Maxwell Malina is many things, an entrepreneur, a scientist, a design activist, but most of all, he is an eternal optimist. Born in France, educated in the United States, Yuri has spent his life exposed to different European and American peoples and cultures, and as a result truly feels part of one human family.

Yuri is the Co-Founder of Design for America, a nation-wide initiative to spur local social innovations among college students. He helped grow the organization from 3 students at his university to over 500 spread across the United States. Collectively DFA students design products, services and businesses that tackle a variety of social and environmental challenges.

Alongside DFA Yuri is the co-founder and VP of Product of SwipeSense, a start-up in the healthcare space which aims to eliminate Hospital-Acquired Infections, a leading cause of death in the US. He studied Physics and Mathematics in the Integrated Science Program (ISP) at Northwestern University, is a member of the Sandbox-Network, and has two patents to his name. He is currently based out of Evanston, IL.