Bootcamp Companies

Louisville 2019 Cohort

Assay Me (New York, NY) has developed an at-home test kit for monitoring diabetes. Using advanced computer vision algorithms, their solution combines a simple urine test strip with an app that turns a mobile phone’s camera into a clinical-grade scanner, automatically scanning the urine test strip to analyze five indicators (Glucose, Protein, pH, Specific Gravity, and Ketone).

Briocare (Frisco, TX) has developed an AI-driven Senior Care platform that uses voice technology to eliminate caregiver anxiety while improving the quality of life for seniors.  The platform gives caregivers full control and access to schedule care events, receive daily reports on the senior’s activities and wellbeing alongside personalized health tips and content, and increases social interactions for the senior. Briocare was selected by AARP Innovation Labs as one of the top four companies reducing social isolation and loneliness in seniors.

Cellgorithmics (Chicago, IL) is developing a proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 based, genetic programming platform technology that converts cells into biological computers using DNA based instructions that read like lines of code. Cellgorithm™ is a genetic platform that can program populations of cells without the need for consistent external intervention. Direct insertion of a Cellgorithm™ into the cells of interest can record and control their biology to improve the yields and effectiveness of specialized cells. Cellgorithmic’s platform allows biotechnology companies (in biotherapeutics, cell-based therapies, and lab-grown foods) to understand and alleviate the molecular inefficiencies and flaws in their cell manufacturing processes through programming novel biology into every cell.

Clinitraq (Irvine, CA) helps capture and analyze radiation data for healthcare workers through The Smart Radiation DosimeterTMdevice that uses real-time location-based radiation dosimetry IoT technology. Its groundbreaking technology reduces the time for measuring cumulative doses from 60 days to 60 seconds, and includes cloud storage, over-the-air firmware updates, machine learning, and blockchain integration.

DSC Technologies (Louisville, KY) is developing a point-of-care blood plasma assay to distinguish between Type I and Type II heart attacks. Toponin biomarker assays are the current standard diagnostic, however several thousand patients are misdiagnosed each year with potentially dangerous ramifications. By providing a diagnostic aid to augment a standard toponin test, the technology will provide a rapid identification of heart attack type so that proper medication and care can be provided as soon as possible.

Hardin Scientific (Los Angeles, CA) designs and manufactures smart, modular laboratory equipment to aid Research and Diagnostic companies in the discovery of life-saving treatments and pharmaceuticals. Hardin utilizes a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) business model that provides an easy entry point for customers to adopt its products in 2-14 days (vs. the industry standard of 3-9 months).

Kare Mobile  (Louisville, KY) is an innovative mobile platform and app for concierge style dental treatment on demand. Focused on increasing access to oral healthcare regardless of socioeconomic status, Kare provides comprehensive dental care on its mobile dental unit by connecting a patient to a dentist based on location, availability, insurance, and procedure.

NohoMed (New York, NY) has developed an intelligent monitoring system that detects COPD exacerbations early. Using its exacerbation detection algorithm, NohoMed solves two problems related to the high cost of COPD – patient noncompliance with COPD monitoring protocols and current COPD alert systems that result in too many false positive alerts or alerts that are too late for meaningful intervention.

Prodigy Biosciences  (Louisville, KY) has developed a personalized, innovative approach to food testing and allergy management. Prodigy’s immunoassay can specifically detect traces of allergens such as peanuts (a top food allergen) that can be used for a rapid lab analysis. This assay could be further developed into a table-side food testing device for use by people who suffer from peanut allergies, which can result in anaphylaxis.

Flint 2019 Cohort


Bisep (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) is a medical device company that focuses on solutions for patients requiringphysical therapy, rehabilitation, and/or assisted ambulation.  Its flagship device, the ARMM (Ambulation, Retraining and Mobility Mechanism), addresses the need for mobility and ambulation training in the elderly and disabled populations. The ARMM attaches a patient’s wheelchair directly to their walker in a safe and adaptable manner which increases the frequency of ambulation, walking confidence, and decreases the risk of falls.

Crown Mallard (East Lansing, MI) is solving the problem of disposable glove cross-contamination in healthcare and food services. Their products, the AutoGlove and the AutoGlove dispensing system, keep unused gloves from being exposed to outside contaminants and dispenses one pair of gloves at a time in a user-friendly and cost-efficient manner. The product was developed by current students at Michigan State University.

El-Opira (Detroit, MI) uses advanced biomedical imaging technologies to diagnose cancers, targeting skin and brain cancers. The Company’s first product will help healthcare providers differentiate dangerous skin cancer from benign moles, using specialized software that works with existing medical equipment. The technology precisely locates the borders of a cancer tumor during surgery, enabling better removal of the cancer while preserving the unaffected tissue.

HealthFreelance (Plymouth, MI) has digitized and streamlined the hiring process in healthcare. The company created a digital hiring platform for healthcare businesses to easily find, connect with, and hire experienced healthcare workers. It serves medical offices, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, research institutions, and corporations, all seeking to make fast, affordable, high-value hires without the added time and expense of engaging a recruiting firm.

Melius Outcomes (Ann Arbor, MI) has a web-based, quality improvement software platform which captures and cleanses data from an existing EHR, displays it intuitively for staff to highlight a specific quality issue, and provides 24/7 online training videos, references and tools with actionable recommendations to fix the issue. In trials of the Melius solution, hospitals have seen a reduction in infection and readmission as well as savings of up to $2M in costs annually.  

TheraB Medical (Lansing, MI) has created the first completely portable and wearable 360 degree phototherapy treatment for infant jaundice called SnugLit. Over 60% of babies are born with jaundice but current treatment methods require continual supervision that impedes parental bonding and increases undue stress for the family. SnugLit was designed and developed with input from over 200 nurses to create a treatment device for use in hospital and home that is better for baby, mom, and provider.

Fall 2018 Cohort

Airis Health
(Louisville, KY) develops artificially intelligent physician workflow solutions for hospitals to yield lower overall costs and higher reimbursements. Like Siri or Alexa for physicians, Airis acts as a virtual assistant, aiding physicians in often-frustrating tasks such as locating and communicating with staff.

Astarte Medical Partners (Yardley, PA) has created an AI driven analytics platform for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) including NICUtrition® Guidance, a compliance tool to help hospitals standardize the practice of infant feeding in the NICU, and NICUtrition® MAGI which uses predictive analytics to help identify infants at risk for gut inflammation. 

CloverLeaf Learning (Louisville, KY) provides unique video-based learning content for healthcare students, workers and healthcare facilities. The company’s flagship product, RadTechBootCamp, is becoming an industry standard for Radiology based educational content.

Concussion Triage Network (Louisville, KY) has developed a real-time assessment and referral network for athletic team coaches when a player has a suspected head injury on the playing field. This tool includes protocols for assessing the player’s risk at the point and time of injury, and provides a real-time connection to a national network of concussion specialists and neurologists for assessment and referral to the appropriate level of treatment.

DesiCorp (Louisville, KY) is a biotechnology company focused on developing a new method to extend the shelf-life of blood by drying it to powder for applications in disaster relief situations, battlefield settings, and in remote rural emergency rescue situations where blood for transfusions is in limited supply and/or is difficult to store due to limited availability of refrigeration.

MendUX (San Francisco, CA) provides nursing homes and assisted living facilities a proactive solution to help solve problems related to cognitively impaired patients (e.g. Alzheimer) wandering away from the caregiving facility and potentially becoming lost or injured. By discretely placing biosensors to learn the patient’s normal patterns of behavior, predictive analytics can alert caregivers to signs of wandering A real-time indoor and out location monitoring system, which does not require GPS or blue tooth hubs, can then locate and redirect the person before they ever leave the building.

Fall 2017 Cohort

Digital Health Solutions (Indianapolis, IN) delivers a clinical decision support system that engages patients, families, and clinicians to improve patient care and streamline documentation. Families are prescreened for clinical risk factors via an electronic tablet screener that presents questions tailored to each patient and medical records are analyzed by hundreds of decision rules to identify the most important items for the clinician to address. The system integrates with commercial EHRs.

Fourth Dimension Medical Solutions (Louisville, KY) is a medical software company that uses diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging and phase contrast imaging to assess the acute rejection state of a transplanted kidney. Used instead of biopsy, the non-invasive imaging is cheaper to conduct, provides faster results, does not expose the patient to infection or other complications, and provides high accuracy as each kidney can be individually assessed.

Innovative Therapeutix (Louisville, KY) is a pediatric-focused device company that lowers healthcare costs for payers and providers. The device solves medical and developmental issues in infants and children, preventing long-term and more complex problems. The current product under development is an integrated feeding device using biofeedback through music, allowing parents and feeding specialists to support their child through the feeding progression, which is a problem for nearly 60% of infants each year.

My Nurse (Lisbon, Portugal)  is a mobile online platform that enables patients and their families to choose where, when, how and by whom they will be treated (at a predetermined hourly rate with a user-reported star rating system). The platform provides nurses, aides, physiotherapists, therapists (speech, occupational, osteopathy and acupuncture), and home palliative care teams within a preset distance from the client. MyNurse launched in January 2017 and is available in 5 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German).

Pahoola (St.Louis, MO) is a patient education company that produces and distributes high quality, engaging video content to educate patients and family members about medical procedures before, during and after their hospital visit. A more educated and engaged patient results in improved outcomes and patient satisfaction while reducing post-discharge readmissions. Pahoola will ultimately cover 80 medical procedures, with a library of over 400 videos.

RCM Brain (Louisville, KY) Revenue Cycle Management is an AI driven revenue cycle workflow automation platform that makes claims processing staff 3 to 10 times more productive. It uses artificially intelligent workflow bots to connect data and execute tasks across legacy billing systems, clearinghouses, and payer websites. Clients include internal revenue cycle departments and third party claims processing service providers.

Thaddeus Medical Systems (Rochester, MN) improves healthcare outcomes by tracking, protecting and documenting temperature-sensitive products and specimens through the supply chain. Solutions bridge the gap between price, quality and perception of value within cold chain packaging. Through patented technology and thoughtful innovation, its iQ+-lerTM and SmartSleeveTM actively maintain multiple temperature ranges, provide real-time condition and location updates, and reassure product quality and security through comprehensive reporting and analytics.

TheraPeptics (Doylestown, PA) is an emerging AI enabled therapy discovery and development company focused on developing novel, nature inspired AMPs/host defense peptides from animals with superior immune systems, carried by novel drug delivery tools to the right place at the right time to cure animals and humans. Targets include viruses, bacteria, special immune cell subpopulations and cancer tissues of all types.

Fall 2016 Cohort


eBluSolutions (Louisville, KY) is a platform providing workflow-driven services to streamline the complex processes that specialty medical practices face while navigating a patient to treatment. Services include real-time Benefit Investigation, as well as management of Prior Authorization and manufacturer Co-Pay Assistance workflows. eBlu supports practices in providing a better patient care experience, decreasing the time to treat while mitigating the financial risks a practice faces in providing in-office infusion.

EpikardisMedicalLogoEpikardis Medical (Nashville, TN) is a medical device ideation and development company. Founded by a registered nurse and a mechanical engineer, Epikardis aims to create products that carry robust clinical and financial incentives. Their first product under development is a chest tube stabilization device that is expected to enter the market in 2017.

JPEG image-0188C7DC956C-1 4Medic Air (Louisville, KY) is a portable cooling device designed for children who suffer from the upper airway infection known as croup. The device is easy to use and on-demand, instantly producing an ambient temperature drop of 50 degrees to help shrink the airway inflammation the virus causes.

OR Link (Lexington, KY)  is a mobile healthcare software company focused on redefining communication in and around the operating room. At its core, the unique software platform aims to simplify the process by which a surgeon’s “preferences” (for everything from surgical instruments to operating room layout) are stored, shared, and utilized in real time between all the personnel in the OR. Additional features include peri-operative scheduling management and surgical education.

Orthopedix (Providence, RI) is a 3D-printed orthopedic implant company that creates personalized, patient-specific implants throughout the body. The implants are individually sized and shaped to fit to each patient’s unique anatomy, offering benefits not achievable with “off-the-shelf” orthopedic implants.

Solas Operations (Toronto, Canada) uses a Raman spectroscopy based diagnostic for early, non-invasive identification of gout.  Solas’ novel gout diagnostic is able to identify gout early in asymptomatic patients, which is superior to the other two methods currently used (ultrasound and clinical exam for diagnosis) which identifies gout only after the disease has progressed and the patient is symptomatic – which makes it much harder to treat.

Fall 2015 Cohort

iClinical LogoiClinical (San Francisco, CA) is a real-time data aggregation and analytics platform for clinical trials. The real-time trial insights and built-in collaboration tools allow faster issue resolution and decision-making, so that life-saving drugs get to the market sooner and at a lower cost.

iPillbox i logo ---LARGE ---Feb 1 2013iPillBox (Louisville, KY) is a mobile pill organizer that streamlines complicated medication schedules for patients and allows caregivers and physicians to monitor compliance securely. iPillBox enables providers to access real-time data through a secure web-application so that they can proactively manage medication compliance issues.

InscopeInscope Medical Solutions (Louisville, KY) has developed a Wi-Fi enabled multi-purpose, disposable laryngoscope that optimizes airway intubation by integrating several devices into one easy-to-use device. This innovative technology addresses a $1.2B laryngoscope market and will improve this high-risk procedure’s speed, effectiveness and safety.

MedUx-logoMedUX (Toronto, Canada) revolutionizes surgical workflow by bringing the surgeon, direct, tactile control over digital case data while in the operating room’s sterile field. For the first time, surgeons can easily access the data they need, where they need it most.

NormaLyte-PGH-logo-(S)-02NormaLyte (Louisville, KY) is a clinically proven sugar-free oral rehydration salt product specifically created by pharmacists to quickly and effectively treat dehydration without the salty taste of competitors’ products (e.g.: Pedialyte). The proprietary formula is based on the World Health Organization’s recommended formula, which has undergone extensive evaluation by the scientific community. NormaLyte is much more palatable than salty WHO-compliant alternatives.

SYSGenomics logoSYSGenomics (Granger, IN) provides molecular diagnostic tests to enable cancer patients and their oncologists to select the most effective treatment strategy. SYSGenomics takes the guesswork out of cancer treatment.

Trajectory_logo_new_tagTrajectory Healthcare (Loveland, OH) is a population health analytics solutions company that helps evaluate, improve and design population health management programs. Using its patented analytics engine and easy to use software, Trajectory transforms how customers see and manage their population health data, helping them make better clinical and financial decisions.

Fall 2014 Cohort

Blue Sky Case ManagementBlue Sky Case Management (Louisville, KY). Blue Sky Case Management is a conflict-free social service agency for Medicaid waiver participants living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Blue Sky’s mobile, SaaS-based tools help case managers produce plans of care that deliver better home and community-based services for consumers with IDD.

Count Itcountit (New York, NY) CountIt pioneers highly social, inter-company challenges, and automates the connection between corporate charitable giving and employee wellness. Powered by a push-button reward platform and utilizing mobile activity sensors (e.g.: FitBit, Jawbone, Shine, etc.), the service dramatically lowers the cost and administrative complexity of conventional wellness programs.

Picture2Gyroskope Family Network (Louisville, KY) The Family Network is an online content, gaming, and social platform built for the aging population. The technology streams classic TV shows, movies, radio and other programming on-demand. The platform also offers video and audio experiences and activities that enhance memory and cognition, as well as other features designed to connect aging individuals to their family and friends and keep them engaged and mentally active.

Lift3dLift3D (Columbus, OH) Lift3D (pronounced: lifted) empowers athletes, patients, trainers and wellness providers with real time movement data and analysis, in order to effect better outcomes and lower costs. Lift3D provides individuals using equipment in fitness facilities with real time actionable data and tracking of their activities. LIFT3D utilizes 3D laser based imaging technology, which provides fitness facility owners with a low cost way to attract and retain the growing segment of data oriented members.

MedbiomarkersMedbiomarkers (London, England) Medbiomarkers is a web platform seeking to accelerate the discovery, validation and utility of biomarkers for health monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Via its biomarker database and social network, Medbiomarkers strives to be the leading destination online for lifescience companies’ biomarker related data requirements and partnership building needs.

MylianceMyliance (Louisville, KY) Myliance has developed the nation’s first Resident Care at Home Concierge Model (RCaHC). Myliance works outside the walls of traditional brick and mortar facilities by providing end-to-end personalized services for the aging in place and disabled populations. Concierge services include both medical and non-medical services.

NeuroAtlas NeuroAtlas (Louisville, KY) NeuroAtlas is developing medical software that utilizes 3D non-contrast MR imaging (MRI) to detect and develop comprehensive analyses of several neurological disorders (including an initial focus on early diagnosis of Autism).

Personal Medicine PlusPersonal Medicine Plus_Logo #14 version 1 (non-editable web-ready file) is a mobile health platform addressing underserved Medicaid and rural populations. The software app is designed to help people with chronic conditions such as pre-diabetes and pre-hypertension engage and better manage their health. The technology uses connected health device data and gamified behavior tracking presented in an easy to use and visually appealing screen.

Fall 2013 Cohort

CredentialedCARElogoCredentialedCARE (San Diego, CA). Protocols for performing background checks on direct care workers are overly fragmented. The Affordable Care Act mandates that all states create new, updated systems for performing these checks on workers who have direct contact with long-term care clients. CredentialedCARE is creating a one-stop solution that integrates all state programs into one cloud-based site that helps providers lower the cost of staff recruitment and increase efficiencies while offering unique marketing strategies that improve transparency for consumers.

IQureIQure (Elizabethtown, KY) is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system for health care providers. Its mission is to empower providers and patients to select and instantly schedule appointments with other healthcare providers in order to increase access to providers, reduce staff work, and improve patient care transitions.

liberatelogoLiberate Medical (Louisville, KY) is developing an abdominal electrical muscle stimulator, which synchronizes with a patients breathing activity, as a platform technology to treat patients with respiratory disease. They are initially focused on reducing air trapping in COPD patients and reducing hospital days for patients on mechanical ventilation.

LockUpLead (Louisville, KY) neutralizes the CDC’s #1 environmental neurotoxin in homes, schools, and urban soil — poisonous lead. The permanent brain damage to young children that leads to learning and behavior disorders can be avoided with this EPA-tested technology that converts toxic lead on contact to a molecular form that can’t be absorbed by the body or leach into the environment.

medicalsearchlogoMedical Search Technologies (Chicago, IL) offers a cloud based text mining platform for life sciences research and marketing and patient outcomes research. The platform is designed to extract quantitative and qualitative information from leading published biomedical journals, EMR’s, FDA drug labels, and patient forums. It is used for drug discovery and repurposing, mapping of genes and receptors, drug comparison studies, biopsy and pathology analysis, discovering which treatment modalities are most effective, and any other application which requires analyzing unstructured text. The Company is led by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, physicians, and software developers.

11picaslogo11 Picas (New York, NY) empowers pro bloggers and their followers with end-to-end content applications and participatory interest networks. Our mission is becoming the first choice bloghost for independent journalists. This fall, in partnership with Inventiv Health and HealthiNation, we are building companion vertical networks in health: Lifista (living well), Flavorpages (eating well) and Good Medicine (conditions & therapies). Our social newsrooms grow through collective administration and promotion. By aggregating a lot of small followings (projections scale down from authors with average followings of 2K), we create big audience, network effects and better compensation for quality independent bloggers.