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Be at the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation - Become an XLerateHealth Mentor

XLerateHealth is always seeking to add healthcare domain experts to our mentor community. Our mentors are a vital part of XLerateHealth because they help our founders better understand the marketplace, which will ultimately help them successfully commercialize their technologies and positively impact lives. XLerateHealth looks to engage mentors across the nation who represent a broad range of healthcare domain expertise across several healthcare areas, from life science and med tech to digital health, healthcare operations, reimbursement and more.


Learn more below, and if you feel you meet the criteria please use the form beneath the description to submit your interest in joining our national mentor network!

What we look for in a mentor

As a mentor, you should be able to add significant value through your relevant industry experience, your understanding of the healthcare marketplace, and your network connections.

We are interested in individuals representing all types of organizations including: Hospitals, Payers (including CMS), ACOs, Medical Device Companies/Manufacturers, Diagnostic and Pharma/Drug Development Companies, Clinical Laboratories, Long Term Care Facilities, FDA, Venture Firms and Angel Groups, etc.

Mentor roles in the above organizations could also include physicians (different specialties), nurses (heads of departments such as the OR), regulatory & reimbursement consultants, pharmacists, member of the value committee, head of procurement, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Financial Officers, marketing, attorney (startups, intellectual property), etc.

What is expected of a mentor

Connect with entrepreneurs for a 20-30 minute conversation at a point in time when the entrepreneur needs insights on the area of the market that matches your expertise. (This is part of the “Lean” startup approach and is referred to as “customer discovery.”)

XLerateHealth staff will only reach out to you when we feel the entrepreneur is at a stage where they can maximize their learnings – and you can choose if you
want to (and have time to) connect. After your first interaction with the entrepreneur, you can decide if follow-up is appropriate.

XLerateHealth will ask you to provide a high resolution photo and the url to your LinkedIn profile so that we can add you to our online mentor community. We may also ask you to be featured in our newsletter and/or social media as we frequently highlight mentors involved in the program.

Our mentors volunteer their time and we ask that you don’t engage in a financial relationship with the entrepreneur unless they bring up the subject and you agree to it. We would anticipate that if this engagement happened, it would be in the distant future after having worked with the entrepreneur and if the entrepreneur has asked to formalize the relationship to provide ongoing and consistent help.

If you have questions about the form or want to be removed as a mentor, email us at [email protected]

What you get in return

As a mentor you will have first-hand access to top emerging innovations and entrepreneurs who are helping tackle some of the hardest challenges in healthcare.
You will have an opportunity to get involved and support the learnings of startup founders who are working on technologies that can both impact patient’s lives and improve the operations and /or workflow of health systems (both hospitals and payers).
You will have the ability to connect directly with a large network of top healthcare entrepreneurs across the nation. XLerateHealth takes in 6-10 startups annually and also supports a network of over 90 alumni companies who have raised over $200M in private equity and non-dilutive capital.
If you or your organization is interested in one these emerging technologies you will have the opportunity to stay connected and discuss your organization’s specific challenges and a possible future working relationship.
You will be a part of a mentor network with over 300 active participants who are recognized thought leaders across the healthcare ecosystem.

Ready to Become an XLerateHealth Mentor?