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Michael Fisher

Managing Director - New Ventures, Kirchner Group

I believe that every company can reach ever higher levels of performance. With a career in private equity, investments and general management, I’ve joined LinkedIn to exchange ideas and information among entrepreneurs, business owners, family offices and investors, to grow, enhance and fix businesses. Ideally, we can collaborate and share informal networking advice, guidance and contacts across all facets of business development and strategy, capital structures, team building and leadership.

Topics of interest include how to: build a culture of performance and growth; create sustainable revenue pipelines and increased market share; build enterprise value and shareholder wealth; bring operational solutions to day-to-day challenges; provide domain expertise to maximize outcomes; lead and advise on major events, such as M&A, capital structure, Board effectiveness and strategy; deliver successful outcomes during economic contraction and extreme growth to maximize operating margin and earnings.

Projects we can discuss: leading individuals and groups to break through barriers and exceed organizational and individual goals; process improvements that drive greater EBITDA and shareholder value; expediting new investment strategy and infrastructure development; using effective employee and customer listening sessions to surface problems and identify solutions.

It’s always helpful to interact with other open-minded professionals both in and outside personal areas of industry expertise. So, please feel free to do so either via LinkedIn or at [email protected] should you also see a benefit in professional networking and exchange.