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Affiliate Companies

Affiliates are companies that have already made substantial progress in developing beta sites, strategic relationships, etc. The role of the accelerator for the Affiliate companies is to provide mentorship and networking for them to support their commercialization and institutional fundraising efforts.


is an early stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapeutics, primarily in the area of severe asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It has a second program aimed at protecting red blood cells against immune destruction. Apellis had an IPO in November 2017 and is now trading as APLS.


Carrot-Medical logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company Carrot Medical offers medical electronics solutions that integrate audio and visual data. Its large medical grade display, C-View, eliminates the inefficiency of multiple monitors; its wireless communication system, C-Com reduces noise and distraction, enhances patient comfort, and synchronizes clinical activities.[hr]

Cobra-Introducer logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company Cobra Stylet is a full-service human medical device design and contract manufacturing company. Its latest device, the Cobra Introducer™ is an innovative intubation stylet that will greatly simply intubations and reduce intubation risk and complexity.[hr]

HealthCure logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company HealthCure is a life science service company, focused on controlling life-threatening hospital acquired infections (HAI) through risk assessment, testing, consulting, and risk mitigation services. The HealthCure System has been implemented in the Oakwood Hospital System in Michigan.[hr]

is a mobile strategy and consulting firm specializing in mobile development and web applications. Interapt provides software solutions for multiple sectors, including healthcare, human resources, enterprise communication, and innovative technologies.[hr]

MedCity-News logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company


MedCity Media (acquired by breaking media) publishes, one of the fastest-growing sites in healthcare and life sciences. MedCity News offers insight into what’s next and what matters with a mix of breaking news and analysis on startups and established industry leaders, personalities, policies, and important deals. MedCity News was acquired by Breaking Media in 2015[hr]

NX-Pharmagen logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company NX PharmaGen is developing molecular diagnostic tests for prenatal and oncology indications utilizing blood-based exosomal proteomics. Its NeXosome TM assays permit the early identification of pregnant women at-risk for preterm birth, as well as the time series evaluation of the molecular machinery of a tumor throughout the disease cycle.[hr]

occam logo for websiteOccam Design is the innovative leader in rapid, cost effective, regulatory complaint medical device development, including services for regulatory clearance and manufacturing. Their expert engineers, quality and regulatory professionals coupled with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities provide innovative and reliable solutions to the most challenging applications. With a diversely experienced staff, nearly 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and experience spread over more than 55 patents and over $3 billion in marketplace sales, you can trust your product’s design, prototyping, manufacturing and rollout to the team at Occam Design. We are ISO 13485:2012 Certified and FDA Registered.[hr]

OpenMarketsOpenMarkets is a service and technology company that creates visibility into the capital equipment purchasing needs for hundreds of hospital clients, letting the company match realtime needs and create volume-leveraged savings opportunities. [hr]

Seikowave logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company Seikowave has developed a versatile platform for 3D imaging that makes the process faster, cheaper, and more accessible. One of the first applications for this new technology is dentistry, as dentists will be able to make immediate intra-oral 3D measurements of teeth instead of the traditional method of impressions and molds.[hr]

Stonestreet-One logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company Stonestreet One (acquired by Qualcomm) provides software solutions for Bluetooth wireless technology and has developed several healthcare and other IoT applications.  The company was acquired by Qualcomm in late 2014.  [hr]

Thrive 365 LogoThrive365 is a proprietary mHealth platform addressing the 385M world-wide market of people with diabetes. Thrive365 liberates and empowers people with diabetes to enjoy the foods they love. At the core of the platform is a proprietary food scoring algorithm that enables people with diabetes to easily move from a perceived limited number of food choices to being able to easily and safely move to a wider selection of food choices while at the grocery store, home, out with friends or in restaurants. This revolutionary scientifically tested system, that enables lifestyle change in people with diabetes, is simple to use and currently available online or through the US Apple itunes app store. [hr]

Vivorte logo - XlerateHealth Health Accelerator Affiliate Company


Vivorte is a medical device company that is commercializing two innovative orthopedic devices: a minimally invasive implantable device designed to reduce hip fractures and save lives, and a synthetic/biologic bone void filler that is strong and remodels quickly.[hr]