Intersession Companies

2018/2019 Intersession Cohort

EnMed MicroAnalytics (Charleston, SC) has a proprietary method for detecting very low concentrations of lead and other heavy metals collected from a single finger-or-heel stick. According to the CDC, almost all U.S. children are at risk for lead poisoning.  Screening for lead and and other heavy metals is important because even small amounts can cause irreversible damage to a child’s brain resulting in neurological and behavioral problems, as well as damage to the heart, kidneys, lung, and bone. This technology will enable routine (and ideally universal) screening of every pregnant woman and newborn, and selected pediatric patients for exposure to lead and other heavy metals.

nQ Medical (Boston, MA) is a digital diagnostic for neurological disorders.  It captures functional decline and allows for precise monitoring of small changes in neurodegeneration. Using AI, nQ evaluates passive data captured 24/7 to detect pathological signs of disease. It diagnoses disease earlier than current tools, tracks disease progression, and measures impact of therapy. Used in Pharma clinical trials to gain efficiencies, it has been clinically validated as a diagnostic tool for Parkinson’s and is engaged in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s with Cleveland Clinic.

Telasight (Louisville, KY) is a telehealth company providing real-time practitioner to practitioner consults via phone, video-conference, text and email. When a patient is sitting in a provider’s chair with an unfamiliar or uncommon condition, a practitioner can now get a real-time consultation from an up-to-date expert in their field to receive the current standard of care and determine the best treatment and management plan.

VB Health (Dallas, TX) is a Primary Care-Centered, Clinically Integrated Organization (“CIO”) specializing in the delivery of comprehensive disease management and physician services to Medicare Advantage Plans (“MA”), Medicaid Care Organizations (“MCO”), and other risk-bearing entities including Accountable Care Organizations (“ACO”) for the clinical management of their high-risk membership.


2017/2018 Intersession Cohort

Bionometrix (Dunwoody, GA).  Bionometrix is a subscription based web service focused on supplying both academic and commercial bio-medical business writers with the appropriate information to rapidly craft or update the marketing, financial and competitive risk justification for a research or commercial project. Using advanced AI, the platform combines scientific literature, patent information, news items, product announcements, regulatory guidance and commercial commentary into a proprietary package for program and product managers and their superiors.

Digital NanoGenetics (Lawrence, KS).  Digital NanoGenetics is developing novel nanofluidics with applications in molecular biology, sensor technology and clinical chemistry. Our primary focus is on the development of a single molecule sequencing technology capable of producing the lowest cost, highest accuracy and fastest human genome with a read length of over 40,000 for the distributed clinical marketplace.