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Why build a healthcare startup in Louisville? Because it’s been done (well) before


Why would anyone want to start a healthcare company in a town best known for horse racing, baseball bats and fried chicken? Simple: Louisville, Kentucky has quietly become a hotbed of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship, and anyone wanting to build a business in the healthcare space would be wise to set down roots in this economic ecosystem.

Louisville Healthcare Family Tree
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To the right, you’ll note a rather interesting graphical rendering of the Louisville Healthcare Family Tree. Each dot on the graphic represents a unique healthcare-related business that was founded and continues to operate in Louisville. Capitalizing on the talent and resources drawn to the region by giants like Humana, Kindred Healthcare and the University of Louisville, literally hundreds of thriving healthcare enterprises have been created in the Derby City.

The same proximity to the majority of the US population that drew the UPS Worldport to Louisville — 75 percent of the US population is accessible within a two-hour flight — makes the city a natural nexus for healthcare logistics. Twelve of Louisville’s top 25 largest employers are healthcare enterprises, meaning both talent and facilities are already present and accessible.

You don’t have to relocate healthcare equipment, employees or expertise to Louisville. You need only present a healthcare idea that takes advantages of the burgeoning healthcare resources that are already here.

Why bring a healthcare startup to Louisville, KY? The better question is: why bring a healthcare startup anywhere else?