XLH Mentors

Lung Technologies

Lung Technologies, located in Seattle, WA, is a pre-surgical digital platform that tackles the common and costly post-surgical complications of Pulmonary Atelectasis and Deep Vein Thrombosis by addressing poor venous blood flow in the lower legs and the lungs prior to surgery.


HidocDR, located in Sheridan, WY, is an AI-enabled global networking and learning platform for physicians. The company is transforming clinician collaboration by offering evidence-based medical second opinions and case discussions.


FreezeNit, located in Boston, MA, is an effective eco-friendly treatment for a growing and persistent pediatric problem – drug-resistant “super lice.” With a single treatment session, FreezeNit™ eliminates the need for messy creams, pesticides, or prescription treatments.

EmpoweRx Inc.

EmpoweRx, located in Nashville, TN, offers a tech enabled marketplace for healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals providing a sustainable solution for staffing practices reducing contingent labor cost for healthcare organizations, while increasing wages for healthcare professionals.


MErald.io, located in Washington, D.C., is a digital health company that provides black patients access to culturally sensitive quality mental health care by delivering virtual clinical care, immersive therapy, and breakthrough trauma tools.


MNDYRR is a teletherapy and social network platform addressing the pediatric/adolescent mental health crisis by helping child welfare and education professionals better understand and connect with traumatized youth.

Anbiome Labs

Ambiome, located in Cheshire, CT, is a biotech startup specializing in fermentation-based technology and the development of a novel bioactive compound that transforms the management of cancer therapy side effects.

NonBinary Solutions

NonBinary Solutions (NBS) is a technology & consulting firm that designs Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for autism service providers that dramatically improve the quality and efficacy of decision-making by offering a systematic and standardized approach to treatment planning.


  VRTogether (Lexington, KY) – VRTogether reduces social isolation and loneliness in senior citizens through an evidence-based virtual reality platform. The technology provides an effective… Read More »VRTogether

Urban Docz

Urban Docz (Detroit, MI) is a simple, secure, and affordable telehealth platform that provides virtual healthcare access to women in underserved and low-income communities, starting with… Read More »Urban Docz


InterJad (Southfield, MI) is developing an interactive, clinical research training platform for healthcare professionals that utilizes a unique combination of web and mobile-based gamified simulation.… Read More »InterJad

Hodos Health

Hodos Health (Detroit, MI) is a digital health company that helps medical practices and community health centers optimize operations, improve clinical staff utilization and patient outcomes,… Read More »Hodos Health


Coordinista (Kalamazoo, MI) Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Coordinista is a digital health startup that gives providers the tools they need for effective care delivery at… Read More »Coordinista


Lealtà (Atlanta, GA) – Developed by a clinician executive, Lealtà is a SaaS company focused on driving patient loyalty in healthcare and hospital systems. The average… Read More »Lealta


Kinometrix (Fort Belvoir, VA) – Hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) harm patients and cost US hospitals $98 billion annually. Kinometrix is on a mission to eliminate HACs… Read More »Kinometrix


Ensofy (Tbilisi, Georgia) – Led by experienced AI and healthtech founders, Ensofy has developed VoiceAI, an AI-enabled screening and monitoring tool for major depressive disorder… Read More »Ensofy


Constance (Westport, CT) – Constance is a surgical clinical decision support platform maximizing the ability to prescribe, quantify and stratify peri-operative risk. The Constance state-of-the-art… Read More »Constance

Biosphere Lab

Biosphere Lab (Louisville, KY) – Biosphere Lab is a veterinary diagnostic laboratory with a particular focus on rare and exotic animals. Biosphere provides anatomic pathology… Read More »Biosphere Lab


Bainom (San Francisco, CA) – Bainom is an AI and machine learning based platform that matches genetic data with up-to-date information from hundreds of scientific… Read More »Bainom

Atalan Tech

Atalan Tech (Boston, MA) – Started by Harvard, Yale and Oxford researchers and graduate students, Atalan has developed a customized clinician wellness risk management software… Read More »Atalan Tech


TremBlock (Plantation, FL) is a unique mouthguard targeted for use in patients with epilepsy or other known seizure disorders. The device is capable of dispensing… Read More »TremBlock


ModoScript (Boston, MA) is a digital health company that provides remote monitoring of rigorous treatment protocols in oral oncology and other chronic conditions that require… Read More »ModoScript


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iMama (Raleigh, NC) is a digital health platform using artificial intelligence to help mothers prolong their breastfeeding cycle and help employers to provide nursing moms… Read More »iMama


20Lighter (Tampa, FL) is a unique program that targets visceral fat and dietary inflammation to support patients who are ineligible for a surgical procedure or… Read More »20Lighter

Vern Health

Vern Health (East Lansing, MI) detects emotions in communication in real time to support telehealth, customer service, and more. Vern Health utilizes proprietary AI diagnostic… Read More »Vern Health


MyHelse™ (North Beach, MD) is a customizable Platform as a Service that leverages data and analytics to identify early risks at both the individual and… Read More »MyHelse™

Isaab Innovations

Isaab Innovations (Flint, MI) is a physician-founded medical device company that has innovated a patent protected syringe that improves medication delivery. MultiFlow syringe incorporates the… Read More »Isaab Innovations


DRS.LINQ (Newton, PA) is creating a virtual cardiology office to enable enhanced connectivity between the patient and physician through proprietary vEKG and the mHeart App… Read More »DRS.LINQ


Adlore™ (Kalamazoo, MI) is designing a next generation device for the treatment of lower extremity wounds, including diabetic/neuropathic foot ulcers, venous stasis leg wounds, arterial… Read More »Adlore


SmartBreast Corporation (Mars, PA) has developed a cutting-edge medical scanner called SmartBreast™ that aims to save lives, reduce cost, and mitigate suffering through early breast… Read More »SmartBreast


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LockUpLead neutralizes the CDC’s #1 environmental neurotoxin in homes, schools, and urban soil – poisonous lead. The permanent brain damage to young children that leads to learning and… Read More »LockUpLead


NeuroAtlas (Louisville, KY) developed medical software that utilized non-contrast MR imaging to detect and develop comprehensive analyses neurological disorders. Initial focus was in the field… Read More »NeuroAtlas

Cancer University

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Cancer U is an online membership platform for cancer patients and cancer caregivers to educate and empower them to become advocates for themselves during their cancer journey to improve outcomes and reduce costs.


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MDHealthtrak tracks disease symptoms, facilitates communication for both patients and doctors, and can even manage patient appointments.

IBIS Therapeutics

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IBIS Therapeutics (Tampa, FL) tackles the problem of therapeutic efficacy using a unique AI engine capable of predicting absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity to identify the best drug candidates from a quarter billion small molecules. IBIS’s first to market product will focus on COVID-19 and inflammation which enables a cost-effective drug discovery process to investigate every protein in the SARS-CoV-2 viral proteome for drug candidates in a few months compared to the time required for traditional compound discovery.


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2innovate (Metamora, MI) specializes in the creation of innovative medical devices, including PeriTect™ and Windsor Gait Assist™. Their latest product, Windsor Gait Assist™, is the first-ever cost-effective traveling “seat belt” for the elderly and disabled that significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries from falls on stairs and level surfaces in hospital and home settings.


Vivorte (Louisville, KY) is a medical device company that is commercializing two innovative orthopedic devices: a minimally invasive implantable device designed to reduce hip fractures and save lives, and a synthetic/biologic bone void filler that is strong and remodels quickly.

Trajectory Healthcare

Trajectory Healthcare (Loveland, OH) is a population health analytics solutions company that helps evaluate, improve and design population health management programs. Using its patented analytics engine and easy to use software, Trajectory transforms how customers see and manage their population health data, helping them make better clinical and financial decisions.

Toggle Health

Founded in 2016, Toggle Health is a healthcare technology company with the goal of delivering a breakthrough surgical user experience in the operating room. Toggle Health connects surgeons to their digital case data in the sterile field of the operating room.


Thrive365 is the only patented nutritional meal scoring platform proven to benefit individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes. Our proprietary platform combines the best of nutritional science, world class technologies and “Win the Day” health coaching.

TheraB Medical

TheraB Medical (Lansing, MI) has created the first completely portable and wearable 360 degree phototherapy treatment for infant jaundice called SnugLit. Over 60% of babies are born with jaundice but current treatment methods require continual supervision that impedes parental bonding and increases undue stress for the family.

Thaddeus Medical Systems

Thaddeus Medical Systems (Rochester, MN) improves healthcare outcomes by tracking, protecting and documenting temperature-sensitive products and specimens through the supply chain. Solutions bridge the gap between price, quality and perception of value within cold chain packaging.


Telasight (Louisville, KY) is a telehealth company providing real-time practitioner to practitioner consults via phone, video-conference, text and email. When a patient is sitting in a provider’s chair with an unfamiliar or uncommon condition, a practitioner can now get a real-time consultation from an up-to-date expert in their field to receive the current standard of care and determine the best treatment and management plan.

Stonestreet One

Stonestreet One (Louisville, KY) (acquired by Qualcomm) provides software solutions for Bluetooth wireless technology and has developed several healthcare and other IoT applications.  The company was… Read More »Stonestreet One