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NX Development Corp

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NX Development Corp (Louisville, KY) has developed the first and only FDA-approved optical imaging agent indicated in patients with high-grade gliomas (suspected World Health Organization Grades III or IV on preoperative imaging) as an adjunct for the visualization of malignant tissue during surgery. The company exited in 2018 in a sale to SBI Pharma Co Ltd of Japan.

nQ Medical

nQ Medical (Boston, MA) is a digital diagnostic for neurological disorders. It captures functional decline and allows for precise monitoring of small changes in neurodegeneration. Using AI, nQ evaluates passive data captured 24/7 to detect pathological signs of disease.


NormaLyte (Louisville, KY) is a clinically proven sugar-free oral rehydration salt product specifically created by pharmacists to quickly and effectively treat dehydration without the salty taste of competitors’ products (e.g.: Pedialyte).

NoHo Medical

NohoMed (New York, NY) has developed an intelligent monitoring system that detects COPD exacerbations early. Using its exacerbation detection algorithm, NohoMed solves two problems related to the high cost of COPD – patient noncompliance with COPD monitoring protocols and current COPD alert systems that result in too many false positive alerts or alerts that are too late for meaningful intervention.


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My Nurse (Lisbon, Portugal)  is a mobile online platform that enables patients and their families to choose where, when, how and by whom they will be treated (at a predetermined hourly rate with a user-reported star rating system). The platform provides nurses, aides, physiotherapists, therapists, and home palliative care teams within a preset distance from the client.

Melius Outcomes

Melius Outcomes (Ann Arbor, MI) has a web-based, quality improvement software platform which captures and cleanses data from an existing EHR, displays it intuitively for staff to highlight a specific quality issue, and provides 24/7 online training videos, references and tools with actionable recommendations to fix the issue.


Mediscan (London, England) optimizes hospital processes by leveraging sensor-based AI on a long range, ultrasecure IoT capable network, turning even the oldest hospital infrastructure into a smart facility. With a strategic focus on patient flow, admissions processes, and cyber-physical security, Mediscan has developed an automated operational assistant, “ALICE,” that collects and interprets critical data autonomously so executives can make decisions in real-time. Mediscan simplifies data collection and analysis allowing staff to focus on patient care.

MedCity News

MedCity Media (Cleveland, OH) (acquired by breaking media) publishes MedCityNews.com, one of the fastest-growing sites in healthcare and life sciences. MedCity News offers insight into what’s next and what matters with a mix of breaking news and analysis on startups and established industry leaders, personalities, policies, and important deals.

Liberate Medical

Liberate Medical (Louisville, KY) is developing an abdominal electrical muscle stimulator, which synchronizes with a patients breathing activity, as a platform technology to treat patients with respiratory disease. They are initially focused on reducing air trapping in COPD patients and reducing hospital days for patients on mechanical ventilation.

Dr. Opinion

Dr. Opinion (San Leandro, CA) has developed an AI solution to combat dental insurance fraud, which accounts for over $12.5B in costs to the industry yearly. Supported by pre-trained models and machine learning, the Dr. Opinion platform automatizes claims processing to reduce workload, costs, and human errors in the dental insurance industry. Dr. Opinion is the first AI company with 100% focus on the dental insurance fraud problem.

Kare Mobile

Kare Mobile (Louisville, KY) is an innovative mobile platform and app for concierge style dental treatment on demand. Focused on increasing access to oral healthcare regardless of socioeconomic status, Kare provides comprehensive dental care on its mobile dental unit by connecting a patient to a dentist based on location, availability, insurance, and procedure.


iPillBox (Louisville, KY) is a mobile pill organizer that streamlines complicated medication schedules for patients and allows caregivers and physicians to monitor compliance securely. iPillBox enables providers to access real-time data through a secure web-application so that they can proactively manage medication compliance issues.


Insubiq (Newtown, PA) offers an AI-powered wearable technology that detects digital biomarkers (such as cough) to aid in the early detection of disease such as COVID-19 and Parkinson’s disease.

Inscope Medical Solutions

Inscope Medical Solutions (Louisville, KY) has developed a Wi-Fi enabled multi-purpose, disposable laryngoscope that optimizes airway intubation by integrating several devices into one easy-to-use device. This innovative technology addresses a $1.2B laryngoscope market and will improve this high-risk procedure’s speed, effectiveness and safety.

Innovative Therapeutix

Innovative Therapeutix (Louisville, KY) is a pediatric-focused device company that lowers healthcare costs for payers and providers. The device solves medical and developmental issues in infants and children, preventing long-term and more complex problems.


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iClinical (San Francisco, CA) is a real-time data aggregation and analytics platform for clinical trials. The real-time trial insights and built-in collaboration tools allow faster issue resolution and decision-making, so that life-saving drugs get to the market sooner and at a lower cost.


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HealthOpX (East Lansing, MI) is a healthcare software company that helps English as a Second Language patients, refugees, and underserved communities access complete healthcare. The company’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology supports neglected patient populations by removing language barriers and thereby overcoming social and economic factors.


HealthFreelance (Plymouth, MI) has digitized and streamlined the hiring process in healthcare. The company created a digital hiring platform for healthcare businesses to easily find, connect with, and hire experienced healthcare workers.

Hardin Scientific

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Hardin Scientific (Los Angeles, CA) designs and manufactures smart, modular laboratory equipment to aid Research and Diagnostic companies in the discovery of life-saving treatments and pharmaceuticals. Hardin utilizes a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) business model that provides an easy entry point for customers to adopt its products in 2-14 days (vs. the industry standard of 3-9 months).


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Gyroskope Family Network (Louisville, KY) The Family Network is an online content, gaming, and social platform built for the aging population. The technology streams classic TV shows, movies, radio and other programming on-demand.


Glucoconfidence (Louisville, KY) is a veteran-owned company that aims to empower people with diabetes to live a life without limits by developing innovative, low-calorie, all-natural liquid glucose supplements for the insulin-taking diabetic community. Available for easy online delivery, these products are developed by people with diabetes, for people with diabetes.

Fetal Life

Fetal Life, LLC (Louisville, KY) a specialized technology company dedicated to addressing the challenges around pregnancy by the integration of medical expertise, artificial intelligence and technological solutions.


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Epikardis Medical LLC is a medical company focused on identifying ineffective methods and products in the medical field and developing cost-efficient replacements with clear, proven benefits.

EnMed Microanalytics

EnMed MicroAnalytics (Charleston, SC) has a proprietary method for detecting very low concentrations of lead and other heavy metals collected from a single finger-or-heel stick. According to the CDC, almost all U.S. children are at risk for lead poisoning.


El-Opira (Detroit, MI) uses advanced biomedical imaging technologies to diagnose cancers, targeting skin and brain cancers. The Company’s first product will help healthcare providers differentiate dangerous skin cancer from benign moles, using specialized software that works with existing medical equipment.


eBluSolutions (Louisville, KY) is a platform providing workflow-driven services to streamline the complex processes that specialty medical practices face while navigating a patient to treatment. Services include real-time Benefit Investigation, as well as management of Prior Authorization and manufacturer Co-Pay Assistance workflows.

DSC Technologies

DSC Technologies (Louisville, KY) is developing a point-of-care blood plasma assay to distinguish between Type I and Type II heart attacks. Toponin biomarker assays are the current standard diagnostic, however several thousand patients are misdiagnosed each year with potentially dangerous ramifications.

Digital Health Solutions

Digital Health Solutions (Indianapolis, IN) delivers a clinical decision support system that engages patients, families, and clinicians to improve patient care and streamline documentation. Families are prescreened for clinical risk factors via an electronic tablet screener that presents questions tailored to each patient and medical records are analyzed by hundreds of decision rules to identify the most important items for the clinician to address.

DLC Now Thrive365

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Thrive365  (Chicago, IL) is a proprietary mHealth platform addressing the 385M world-wide market of people with diabetes. Thrive365 liberates and empowers people with diabetes to enjoy the foods they love.


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DesiCorp (Louisville, KY) is a biotechnology company focused on developing a new method to extend the shelf-life of blood by drying it to powder for applications in disaster relief situations, battlefield settings, and in remote rural emergency rescue situations where blood for transfusions is in limited supply and/or is difficult to store due to limited availability of refrigeration.

Crosby Innovations

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Crosby Innovations (Detroit, MI) has developed a hand-held portable device that utilizes ultraviolet light (UVC) technology to sanitize/disinfect the skin to eradicate viruses (including COVID-19) and bacteria. Developed by an ER physician, the technology is safe, effective, and easy to use.


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Count.It connects with wearable tracking devices and apps to power community fitness challenges and reinvent workplace wellness.

Cobra Introducer

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Cobra Stylet (Louisville, KY) is a full-service human medical device design and contract manufacturing company. Its latest device, the Cobra Introducer™ is an innovative intubation stylet that will greatly simply intubations and reduce intubation risk and complexity.

Clover Learning

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Cloverleaf Learning is a provider of high-quality online learning content for diagnostic imaging students and workers.


Clinitraq (Irvine, CA) helps capture and analyze radiation data for healthcare workers through The Smart Radiation DosimeterTMdevice that uses real-time location-based radiation dosimetry IoT technology. Its groundbreaking technology reduces the time for measuring cumulative doses from 60 days to 60 seconds, and includes cloud storage, over-the-air firmware updates, machine learning, and blockchain integration.


SyntaxBio (Chicago, IL) is developing a proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 based, genetic programming platform technology that converts cells into biological computers using DNA based instructions that read like lines of code. SyntaxBio™ is a genetic platform that can program populations of cells without the need for consistent external intervention. 

Carrot Medical

Carrot Medical (Louisville, KY) offers medical electronics solutions that integrate audio and visual data. Its large medical grade display, C-View, eliminates the inefficiency of multiple monitors; its wireless communication system, C-Com reduces noise and distraction, enhances patient comfort, and synchronizes clinical activities.


BooknDoc (New York City, NY) is a SaaS platform that connects doctors with patients that seek medical care in real-time. BooknDoc guarantees priority access for same-day appointments with primary care, specialists and dentists, offering in-practice, telehealth or house-call visits. Doctors optimize their schedule by filling last-minute available slots in real-time.


Briocare (Frisco, TX) has developed an AI-driven Senior Care platform that uses voice technology to eliminate caregiver anxiety while improving the quality of life for seniors.  The platform gives caregivers full control and access to schedule care events, receive daily reports on the senior’s activities and wellbeing alongside personalized health tips and content, and increases social interactions for the senior.

Blue Sky Case Management

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Blue Sky’s vision was to create an agency to simplify case management practices and streamline daily operations to add value for contracted case managers to better serve Medicaid members and enjoy a proper blend of work-life balance.


Bisep (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) is a medical device company that focuses on solutions for patients requiringphysical therapy, rehabilitation, and/or assisted ambulation.  Its flagship device, the ARMM (Ambulation, Retraining and Mobility Mechanism), addresses the need for mobility and ambulation training in the elderly and disabled populations. 

Bell Tech Communications

BELL TECH Communications, LLC (Flint, MI) goals are to enhance communication between hearing and deaf communities by translating native Speech and Text language Input into real-time conversations, including Visual Sign Language and Text Output messaging, through assistive technology tools.


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The Autymate platform was crafted to decrease the amount of time spent managing technology and increase the ROI for your company.  This is the ultimate tool to bring together every system and eliminate the complexities of data, making it possible to get your job done without being impeded by pesky tasks.

Astarte Medical Partners

Astarte Medical Partners (Yardley, PA) has created an AI driven analytics platform for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) including NICUtrition® Guidance, a compliance tool to help hospitals standardize the practice of infant feeding in the NICU, and NICUtrition® MAGI which uses predictive analytics to help identify infants at risk for gut inflammation.

Assay Me

Assay Me (New York, NY) has developed an at-home test kit for monitoring diabetes. Using advanced computer vision algorithms, their solution combines a simple urine test strip with an app that turns a mobile phone’s camera into a clinical-grade scanner, automatically scanning the urine test strip to analyze five indicators (Glucose, Protein, pH, Specific Gravity, and Ketone).


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Apellis (Waltham, MA) is an early stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapeutics, primarily in the area of severe asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It has a second program aimed at protecting red blood cells against immune destruction. Apellis had an IPO in November 2017 and is now trading as APLS.

Airis Health

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Software As a Service company with a mission to make healthcare communication more efficient for the entire care team. Our communications platform is designed to improve patient care, accelerate hospital workflows and lowers overall costs.


AcuamarkDx (New York, NY) is developing a blood based diagnostic test which allows for highly accurate screening of blood to detect cancer markers at the earliest of stages of cancer — before the cancer becomes untreatable.

Tom Granatir

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Senior VP, Health Policy & Strategic Partnerships, American Board Of Medical Specialties

Divya Patil

Engineering Tech Development Specialist, University Of Michigan Center For Entrepreneurship (CFE)

David Dlugo

Medical Device Consultant, Founder, D6 Product Development

Vik Chadha

Managing Director, GlowTouch Technologies

Steve Clareen

Sr. Director, Marketing, Med Device & Dental, KaVo Kerr

Mike Easley

Chief Information Officer, American Senior Communities

Mary Auge

Director, Research And Planning At Genesys Health System

Mark Gehring

Co-Founder & Senior Technology Advisor, HealthMyne